Sep 27th 2023

B-Wear Cares Facebook Live

Hi, I’m Julie Biles, senior creative director here at B-Wear and a 15-year breast cancer survivor. Our family, like yours has been touched by cancer which is the very reason for this collection.

We previously referred to this collection as Pinktober, offering designs specific to breast cancer with a portion of our proceeds going to those in the fight or gifts to survivors.

We know cancer comes in many colors, not just pink, and for that very reason we have tried to expand our collection to give others a way to show they care too.

As I reflect on my own cancer journey, the support of my friends and family were vital to my fight. But one of the things that still touches me today was the kindness shown to me by total strangers in the form of prayers, cards, or just concern. I heard a beautiful quote recently – God doesn’t give us another day because we need one, He gives us another day because someone needs us.

With that thought in mind, B-Wear is excited to announce a new initiative called B-Wear Cares.

In the coming year we plan to bring awareness to a variety of causes that will provide you an opportunity to partner with B-Wear to show those in need we care.

Naturally, we can’t touch on all the causes that are near to each of us, but it will be a start none the less.

Our first B-Wear Cares “give back” – will be using proceeds from this cancer collection to fill Totes of Hope with necessary items for patients newly diagnosed at our local Genesis Breast Care Center. No one ever wishes to find themselves in a health crisis or situation where life can feel overwhelming. I know myself; it was the very act of others showing they cared – that made all the difference. That is the goal of B-Wear Cares – to show others we do.

For those in the fight our prayers are with you. To all survivors we rejoice. And to those we have lost – you will never be forgotten.

And to our B-Wear customers – you are some of the very best – we are grateful for each one of you. We look forward to partnering with you to be a blessing and to let others know that B-Wear Cares.